5 Ways to cleanse your crystals!

Hello there!Last week we made a general introduction to crystals and crystal healing (If you missed it, click here). This week I’d like to add new tips about this topic, so here you have 5 ways to cleanse your crystals and how to activate them!

Why cleansing crystals?

5 ways to cleanse your crystals

First of all, we have to clarify why we do this. ALL crystals have their energy and frequency that make them so useful and essential for several purposes. When we work with them, they collect and exchange their energies and frequencies with the body/object they get in contact with. Consequently, they store tons of negative/low energy, from which they need to be cleansed to keep them working at their best.

A practical example: you’re tidying up your home, and you find some things you don’t know where to put but they’re making a mess, so they can’t stay around. You get a box to store them there. When your work is over, this box will be probably filled and the next time you’ll tidy up, you won’t have space to add new things. What do you do? You clean it to make more space.This is the same principle that rules the crystals’ cleaning.

5 ways to cleanse your crystals!

5 ways to cleanse your crystals

Sunlight or Moonlight: a simple and common way to cleanse your crystals is to take them outside and leave them under the sunlight or the moonlight. This process will help them absorb these energies and get rid of the negative ones. If you don’t have a place where to take them outside, putting them on a window sill will work great. Set your intentions and leave them for a day/night. Of course, taking advantage of special astrological events such as Eclipses, New or Full moons will grant benefit to your crystals since the energies and vibes are boosted.

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Water: Disclaimer: pay attention, because some crystals are sensitive to water, they might break or dissolve. So before doing this, make sure you won’t damage them. Google is always the answer if you don’t know where to get information about that.

This is another simple way to cleanse your crystals, you just need a bowl of water. If you feel like it, add some pink Himalayan salt there. Set your intentions, soak your crystals and leave them a few hours there. Some people prefer to put a single crystal under the dripping tap as well. Do as you please, it makes no difference. Tip: you can use Moonwater for this purpose, and make some charged just to cleanse your crystals. If you don’t know how to make it, click here.


Sage or Palo Santo: these are the top items to cleanse and purify almost everything… at least for me! Sage and Palo Santo are super powerful, smell great and will create excellent vibes wherever you employ them. Set your intentions clearly, light your sage or Palo santo and pass them above your crystals. I use to repeat out loud my intentions every time I pick a new crystal and do small circles around it with the smoke. Enjoy the smell and the vibes! đŸ˜€

Selenite/Quartz: why not cleansing your crystals with other crystals?! Selenite and Quartz are perfect for this. Pick a piece of Selenite, (even better if obelisk shape, in this way you can direct the energies) and place it above your crystal. If you need to cleanse more than one, then you can place those that need to be cleansed in a circle with your piece of Selenite in the middle. Set your intentions and let it work! When I use this method, I usually prefer to light sage and palo santo during the process… Just to make sure I’m getting rid of those vibes. Disclaimer: be careful when you use quartz because it amplifies energies.

Oils. I came to know this method recently thanks to a friend of mine… I have to say that the results are incredible. This is basically a way to “feed” your crystals and cleanse them at the same time. Prepare a mixture of oils (All those that are related to grounding energies will work great), and put them into a spray bottle. When you please, set your intentions and feed your crystals!

I hope this article was useful for many of you! Stay tuned for more tips about crystals đŸ™‚

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