Apples: mythology, symbolism, harvesting and uses in magic.

I’m recently re-watching “Once upon a time”, which gave me an idea for a new article…We often discuss plants, herbs and their properties, but we forget about something equally important: fruits. There are a lot of fruits that hide magical properties or esoteric meanings and that can be used in our craft. Apple is one of those! (even though technically apples are false fruits).

A lot of legends and stories can be told about apples, just think about Adam and Eve, Paris that had to give an apple to the most beautiful Goddess, or the apple that fell on Newton’s head giving him a hint about gravity’s law. So yes, Apple has a lot of stories to tell, just as many benefic properties.

One Apple a day…

Apples: mythology, symbolism, harvesting and how to use them in magic!

Apples are the most common fruits all over the world, probably due to their adaptability that makes growth possible pretty much everywhere, between the late summer and autumn.This fruit practically has no side-effects, it doesn’t contain fats or proteins and it has a low intake of calories and sugars.

Nevertheless, it’s rich in minerals and B vitamins, which means it’s a great help for mucous membranes (intestine and mouth), it makes hair and nails stronger and prevents fatigue and inappetence.

So Apple IS a fruit of wonders: it has laxatives properties, helps to treat heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels; its juice reduces acidity, aids digestion and keeps the right levels of acidity in our stomach. These are just some examples of the countless benefits that apples bring to us. After all, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, they say!


If you’re one of those lucky peeps that have a garden and you’d wish to plant an apple tree, there are a few info that might be useful to you. You can start from the seeds, even though this means a huge work and most importantly, a lot of time (about 8-10 years) before you can see your first real apple and not just a peanut. In case you decide to opt for this option, remember that the apple tree, in order to grow, needs two seeds because they aren’t self-pollinated trees. You can use the seeds from the apples you eat or simply buy them. Keep in mind that this way doesn’t guarantee that, in the end, your tree will produce fruits.

For this reason, I recommend buying a small plant (about 2 years old) ready to be planted in the soil.
Apple trees are strong and can survive even at very low temperatures. Small plants should be ideally planted during the autumn period, even though you could plant them during winter, too. Keep in mind that this might delay the growth of the tree.

It doesn’t need specific soil, as long as it’s nutrient-rich and not too limy. (If you’re not sure, you can make a Ph test on your soil: if it’s acid, calcium is probably low and that means it’s not the best condition for your apple tree).


Apples: mythology, symbolism, harvesting and how to use them in magic!

These beautiful trees need sunlight and most importantly, adequate fertilization. I recommend fertilizing the soil where you intend to place the tree even a few days before the planting. After this, you need to fertilize the soil during spring, after the blooming, and during the Autumn season after 3 years from the planting.

Another essential point for the correct and healthy growth of your tree is irrigation. Apple trees need a lot of water, especially during the hottest months, with particular attention during the first 3 years from the planting, during which it needs to be as steady as possible. Remember to ask for information from your gardener or someone that works in a nursery to give your apple tree its best life, and the most delicious fruits to you!

Apples in history and mythology.

As mentioned, Apple has many stories to tell, and it’s rooted pretty much in every culture, especially in Occident. Apple trees are sacred to the Druids since the “an-t-uil-oc” -the mistletoe- is often found on Apple trees. This makes it a special holy tree to them, along with the Oak. Apple trees are closely linked to Druids in their aspect as magicians and shamans. In Celtic traditions, the Goddess was represented on a black horse, holding a golden apple in her hands.

During Ancient Romans times, it was custom to celebrate Diana, Goddess of fertility, on the 13th of August, by drinking cider. Apple the representation of the Archetype of the Great Mother and its triple aspects. These are all examples, among many others, of how the apple has always covered an important role in spirituality, cultures and religions/beliefs. As you can see, the apple isn’t only a captivating and delicious fruit: its symbolic and esoteric aspect is probably even wider than we can imagine: apple is knowledge, temptation, seduction and religion.

There is an interesting observation about apples in “Dans l’Ombres des Cathèdrales” by R. Ambelain. According to the author, the pentagram that we can find by cutting the apple in half is the representation of knowledge itself. Moreover, the closure of the pentagram inside the fruit represents the evolution of the spirit made prisoner by the incarnation.

Apples in Magic.

As we’ve seen in the previous paragraphs, the apple has loads of different symbolism and for this reason, it can turn into a powerful tool in your craft. Consider that, in magic, apples are related to healing, love, fertility, wisdom, knowledge, awareness, immortality, beauty and protection, so it’s quite versatile.

Just to throw out a few ideas, you could make healing or prosperity incenses, a wand from the branches, or use the seeds to prepare mojo-bags for protection. There are really tons of ways to use apples in your craft so just let your inspiration guide you. Just don’t poison or curse anyone to an endless sleep.

Apples: mythology, symbolism, harvesting and how to use them in magic!

Also, Apple can be a great way to decore houses and altars: slice thin some apples and let them dry. I use to make bowls with dried fruits during autumn. I love to smell their scent and I think that they create such a nice atmosphere! Remember that you can use apples as an offer on your altar during Samhain. The apple is sacred to many Goddesses such as Aphrodite, Freya, Eris, and it’s obviously connected to the divine feminine.

There’s a strong connection to the number 5, too: if you cut an apple width-wise you’ll find a pentagram. The flowers themselves have five petals; the numbers five and three were both sacred to the Great Goddess and represent the fusion between matter and sky. There are so many interesting facts and information about apples that we could write a book.

I really hope you enjoyed this article! I’ll see you soon, take care!

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