Attract Money Oil – Grimoire’s Recipe and tips!

This “Attract money Oil” is a special blend I usually make for rituals or to employ for other money-related stuff. Today I’d love to share my recipe with you. Hope it helps! 

Attract Money Oil
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Attract Money Oil – Recipe

Purpose: You can use this special Oil blend for money spells (it’s perfect for Candle magic), or spray it in your office/working room to attract money. Sometimes, I use to spray it on cash before putting them in my wallet. Keep in mind that being an oil, you have to spray it on cash from a distance!

Moon phase: Crescent to Full Moon (included) 


Optional: 1 small Tiger Eye crystal 

How to make it:

While preparing your oil, focus on its purpose, attract money. 

In a mortar crush 5 clove, 4 sage leaves with a drizzle of Jojoba /Olive oil. Pour the mixture into the glass bottle. 

Add 6 drops of mint Essential Oil, 3 drops of vetiver E.O, 4 drops of Cedar E.O and mix the blend (you can do it with a toothpick, or close the bottle and shake it). 

Add a small handful of silver glitters and the tiger eye crystal. 

Close the bottle and shake it 8 times to activate your oil, focusing on your purpose. 

Easy peasy, Your oil is ready. You can now use it to anoint your candles, spray it in your workroom or on your cash to attract money. Think positive and focus on wealth thoughts. 


TIP1: the number eight is strongly connected to wealth, success and luck, so you can take benefit of this by casting your spells at 8 a.m. / p.m., the eighth day of the month (if it corresponds to the moon phase you need) and, in case your spell requires to ask for a specific amount of money include the number 8 in the figure. 

TIP2: When you perform spells and rituals asking for money, remember a few essential things: 

  • Specify that that money MUST come with no harm to anyone. That’s because Universe will provide what you ask – if done properly – in the way it can. So if you don’t specify that, it might come through your health insurance after an accident, or even worse, from an inheritance. You don’t want that. 
  • Move that ass! Money won’t magically come from the sky while you’re sitting on your couch. Help the Universe providing what you desire. About this, you’d probably be interested in the Law of Attraction. You can read my article about it here. 

Hope this helped! May you use this ritual for good purposes only, not harming anyone. 

I’ll see you soon! 

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