Candle Magic – What it is, tips about flame and wax reading

Candle magic has very ancient roots: the first ritual candles were made of animal fat to keep away spirits. Over time beeswax became the “official” material, and thanks to this, candle magic started to spread faster.

This type of magic is considered “sympathetic magic“. It doesn’t require particular tools, and it’s probably one of the easiest, especially for beginners. The principal “ingredient” you need the most is to focus on your goal and visualize the final result. This is the key to make a candle spell work.
I have to say that candle magic is probably one of my favorite type of craft because it’s simple and adaptable. You can really adjust your spell in every way you need based on your need.

Where to start? Few tips about candle magic!

The size of the candle is not a fixed rule: you choose it based on the kind of spell you need to cast. I usually work with pillar candles, but I know a lot of people that prefer the classic ones.
It’s essential to use just virgin candles: you really don’t want to ruin your spell because of pre-existing energies. Another important aspect is the color you choose. Here some references:

  • Red: sexual love, lust, courage.
  • Pink: friendship or romanticism.
  • Green: Money, wealth, fertility, success.
  • Purple: ambition, power, psychic powers, divination.
  • Brown: animals, grounding.
  • Black: absorbing negativity, banishing, purifying.
  • White: Purity, healing, peace. Bonus candle if you don’t have the right color.

Once you picked the right candle, you need to cleanse and dress it.You have several ways to cleanse your candle: you can put it inside a bowl full of rock salt with the wick facing North, or just cleaning it with few drops of alcohol and cotton if you’re in a hurry. You can cleanse your candles whenever you want, but I suggest to prepare a supply during Imbolc celebrations.


The next step is to dress your candles for your spell. Pick the right essential oil (that’s why the charts of correspondences are always helpful), herbs, runes, crystals…whatever you feel drawn to it will be fine. No rule is written in stone. What matters is what the colors and the elements you chose represent to you.

The basic idea of dressing a candle is that you have to pour the oil on your hands and anoint the candle. The verse, at least for me, depends on the spell: I rub the oil from bottom to top if I need to empower or attract things, and vice-versa if I want to banish something. Up to you! Keep in mind that if you need to carve things on it, it would be better to do so before the anointment.

Candle magic: Reading the flame to get information about your spell.

You can get a lot of information about the spell just by observing the flame and the wax leftovers.

Candle Magic

This can be helpful because it gives some information about how your spell is going. You should take into account different aspects: the movement of the flame, the sounds, the color and if it produces smoke or not.
Here’s some tips about the movement of the flame:

– If the flame moves quickly and it looks like a kind of dance, or it’s very high, it means that your work is going pretty well and it’s picking up the right energies. If this dance lasts until the end, even better. Needless to say, be careful and don’t burn down your house!

– If the flame burns ups and downs, generally it means that your ritual is “fighting” against something that blocks it. You can add a white candle to help the energies flow.

– If the flame flickers, it means that most probably there are spirits around. I honestly pick this sign as “your prayers have been heard, work in progress”. Don’t be afraid, think positive. If your spell has no harm intention, nothing bad can!


– If the flame is low or it looks like it’s about to die, it means that your work is not going well at all. Most likely, it’s fighting against strong blocks. Add a white candle if you want, but you’ll probably need to repeat your spell.

– If the flame dies immediately, and there’s no sign of air, it means that your spell must be repeated. Probably it’s not the right time to cast it. Don’t insist. Throw your candle away and repeat everything with a new one. In case the air is to blame, just light it again.

– If the candle has two flames or more, it’s often a sign that there’s someone or something between you and your purpose.

– If the candle-holder breaks, especially if you’re casting a protection spell, it means that you have to repeat it and maybe try with a purification one first. In case you’re hexing someone, it means that the person involved is most likely protected.

– If the candle doesn’t burn, it means that you need to purify and cleanse your spaces. You can do this with the help of white sage, incense or music, for instance. If it keeps going despite the cleansing, you’re probably casting the wrong spell for your situation.

– If the candle burns on just one side, it means that you dressed it in the wrong way, or just that the quality of the candle is crap. Sometimes that depends on the position of the wick as well. You’ll probably need to repeat your spell if you don’t see the results you were expecting.

If you don’t feel like making your own candles, you can always have a look here. There’s a lot of choice and most importantly, you can support small businesses!

If you’re a beginner and you’d like to know more, click here.

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