Cascarilla Powder: what is it, how to make it, recipes!

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Today I’d like to talk about a super-powerful powder: The Cascarilla. For many of you, this is probably a new topic, for some others, it’s not. Personally, I came to know Cascarilla a few years after I started practising thanks to an old acquaintance of mine. I needed something more to protect myself, my house and get rid of bad vibes. “Make cascarilla!”, she said. “Make what?!” I replied. That was one of the best advices ever. But let me explain to you!

What is “Cascarilla powder”?

cascarilla powder

The Cascarilla (pronounced Kas-Kah-ree-ya) is a ritual tool widely used in Santeria, Umbanda and Candomblè traditions and beliefs. There is a plant called “Cascarilla”, too, so don’t confuse the two things.Its purpose, as mentioned, is focused on purifying and cleansing people and rooms from bad energies on a deeper level, keeping them away and protecting at the same time. The fascinating aspect of this tool is that being a powder, can be used in different situations and ways, and it’s also quite practical and effective.

In fact, it can be used to draw circles and protective sigils wherever you need to: for instance, to secure your altar or purify your home or added to banishment rituals. The uses of Cascarilla are numerous and being a powder, it can be turned and mixed in different ways based on your need.

How can I make Cascarilla?

Cascarilla is a powder, as said, which is made from white eggshells combined with different ingredients.

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The symbolism of the white eggshells is rich of meanings: it represents purity, regeneration, potential, life and protection from external influences, which is the reason why Cascarilla is employed basically for purification and removal of negatives influences.

As I was saying, it’s usually mixed with different ingredients, according to the purpose: essential oils, holy water if you believe in it, ground herbs…these ingredients enhance the power of this powder, directing it to something more specific. A common ingredient in Santeria is the rue, known for keeping away and purifying energies from jealousy, negativities, spirits, evil eye and such.

I will share here with you the recipe I got from that friend and that I still use now, after years.

  • 7 white eggshells
  • Drops of Moon Water
  • Rue essential oil or Camphor e.o
  • Baking paper
  • Baking tin
  • Mixer


First of all, you have a good excuse to make an amazing omelette and stuff your belly, which is already a good start if you ask me. Once you’re done and happy, take the eggshells, wash them and let them dry for 24h. It’s essential to wash them especially because eggs leftovers aren’t famous for their scent. Jokes apart, in this way you’ll remove any remanence of the egg itself, and it will be easier (and cleaner) to prepare the powder.

Flat them as much as you can, I use a pestle, but use the tools you have at hand. Remove the internal peel, and place the smashed eggshells on a baking tin (remember to use the baking paper!). Heat the oven 180°, and once ready, put the eggshells to dry for about 5 minutes. Wait until they’re back to a decent temperature so you won’t burn yourself!

Put them in the mixer and whisk until you obtain a powder. At this point, pour the powder into a bowl and add some drops of Moon Water and essential oils and mix with a spoon until you get the result you need. Some people do this in the mixer, just keep in mind that both rue and camphor essential oils are quite strong in scent and might stay in your mixer. NB: For better consistency, you can add a spoon of flour too.

Now, based on your purpose, you can add more ingredients, such as herbs, edible colourant etc. I tend not to add too much because the powder itself it’s already quite powerful. But as usual, up to you! The question that is probably triggering your mind is “What should I do now?“. You can:


  • Roll your ritual (and anointed) candles in it;
  • Put some at the corners of your room (or house);
  • Put some at the base of the window;
  • Make charm bags for protection, adding pentacles, protective crystals etc;
  • Draw sigils;
  • Cast a protective circle around your altar;

These are just some ideas of use for Cascarilla!

Cascarilla chalks

As mentioned, being a powder, Cascarilla can be mixed in different ways to make new things to serve your purposes. A nice recipe I’ve found surfing on the web back in time is about how to make cascarilla chalks. You can use them to draw sigils, a protective circle around your altar, for instance.
Here’s how to make them.

  • Cascarilla powder
  • A spoon of hot water
  • A spoon of flour (1 spoon of each ingredient makes 1 chalk)
  • Half spoon of chalk powder
  • Paper towel

Once you made the Cascarilla powder, take a mug and add a spoon of flour and a spoon of hot water. Stir a bit. Add half spoon of chalk powder to the mixture. Stir it again until you get a compact dough.

Add now the Cascarilla, (one spoon should be enough) and mix everything once again. Place the paper towel on a flat surface and pour your mixture on it. Shape it as you desire. Wrap the sticks in the towel and let them dry for 3 days. And here you have! Cascarilla chalks to write whatever you need, whenever you want! Hope you enjoyed the article! I’ll see you soon 🙂

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