Crystals and Crystal healing: introduction.

Hello there!This week I’d like to introduce the sparkling magical world of crystals since I know many of you would like to explore it further!

Crystals are powerful psychic tools that work as “bridges” and amplifiers of love, success, well-being, protection and high vibrations. Dating back to Ancient Greeks, we know that this “crystal culture” was already quite spread. In fact, they used to believe that all quartz crystals were pieces of the one dropped by Hercules on Earth named “the Crystal of truth“.

On the other side of the world, Australian Aboriginal and Native American tribes believed that crystals and gemstones were actually a manifestation of the Great Creative Spirit, that gives them the power to heal and enlighten whatever they touch…and they were right! In fact, every time we hold, wear or use a crystal, it releases its energy to help us out with our purposes.

How to categorize crystals?

As you know, there are a variety of crystals and it is hard to remember them all. To make it easier, we can divide them into three categories: shape, type and color.


Introduction to Crystals and Crystal healing.

Pointed: this kind of crystal shape is ideal if you need to direct energies in a specific direction. Point the crystal inward to attract energy towards you and outward to shed pain and negativity.

Sphere: to energize and purify any room, attract powerful and healing energies, and transform bad vibes into good ones.

Introduction to Crystals and Crystal healing.

Pyramids: this variety of crystals are natural transmitters of healing and enhanced psychic powers. They also bring peace, harmony, and calm in the space they occupy.

Oval: to attract love and fertility, bring happiness and healing energies.

Wand-like: this type of crystals are ideal if you need to attract success, prosperity and protection against negativity.

Rectangular: to bring stability and balance at home.

Introduction to Crystals and Crystal healing.

Cluster: this is my favorite shape since it’s the most natural. It fits perfectly for every situation and purposes.



Quartz: made of silicon and oxygen atoms as core components, this kind of crystals are probably the most commonly used and worldwide known. They are told to help heal any condition, and they’re appreciated for their purifying effects. We can say that these crystals are the “master of healing”, and their purpose can be empowered by combining the right color and shape.

Introduction to Crystals and Crystal healing.


Agates: a variant form of the mineral Chalcedony, agates are nourishing and strengthening. These Crystals are perfect if you feel disconnected, frazzled or need support, due to their connection to Earth they spread very grounding energy. They encourage authenticity, stability, pragmatism and self-esteem. Since there are many different types of agates, their color and shape will influence and direct their energies to a specific purpose.


Introduction to Crystals and Crystal healing.

Fossils: most of them are made by the biological material of a dead animal or a plant, replaced by chalcedony or other minerals over millennia. Amber, petrified wood, ammonites, are all examples of fossils. Due to their age, fossils are often employed to slow down energies, as protection talismans or as links to past lives. They encourage knowledge, intuition and help to release mental obsessions.


Geodes: these are natural rock formations that contain a cavity lined with crystals or mineral matter. Their name describes their shape perfectly since the term “Geode” derives from the Greek word “Geoides“, which means “Earth-like”. They can heal any type of negative energy, remove spirits and encourage the development of hidden talents. Their purpose changes based on color, type of crystal etc…


  • White, Bright/ Sparkling: new beginnings, clarity, inspiration, vitality, restoring prosperity, innovation, developing talents. Can be substituted for any other color crystal in healing.
  • White, Soft/Cloudy: protection, fertility, restoring hope, success in artistic topics, gradual new beginnings, intuitive awareness, calling someone from afar.
  • Red: action, determination, power, passion, victory, success in competitions, strength, standing out against injustice.
  • Orange: confidence, happiness, creativity, self-esteem, abundance, inventiveness, independence, joy.


  • Yellow: communication, concentration, learning new topics, examinations and tests, adaptability, versatility, recovery through small surgery, protection.
  • Green: loyalty and commitment, growth, healthy plants, good luck, wealth, acquisition of possessions, grounding, stability, calm.
  • Blue: knowledge, new jobs or promotions, leadership, long-distance travels, expansion of business and financial improvements, justice, authority.
  • Purple: spiritual awareness and growth, dreams, visualization, banishing past, protection, imagination, psychic powers…
  • Pink: all matters concerning small or young animals, peace, harmony, love, reconciliation, friendship, kindness, quiet sleep, growth of love.
  • Brown: stability, animals, health, practical matters, gradual accumulation and preservation of money, self-employment, learning new skills (especially in old age), home, property, conservation of ancient places, grounding, knowledge…
  • Black: Easing necessary endings, banishing sorrow, guilt, destructive influences, blocking bad or harmful energies, psychic protection, acceptance…

I know, it’s so much to learn. However, when in doubt, you can do a simple thing: hold the crystal in your hands and listen to your gut. These feelings will guide you to the best use of it. If you’re interested in crystals, I suggest reading the books below (Amazon Affiliate):

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I hope this little introduction to crystals was useful to you! As usual, if you have questions, feel free to contact me or to leave a comment down below!

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