Elemental Spirits: from fairytales to reality.

Hello, wonderful community! I hope you’re doing great! Lately, we talked about the four natural elements in witchcraft, and in that article, we briefly mentioned the Elemental spirits. Today I will analyze little further this topic to complete the Elements chapter.

The title of this article says “Elemental spirits: from fairytales to reality”, and you’re probably wondering why. Reading this article, you will find out that most of the elementals are part of the “fantasy” culture, or at least we saw them mentioned in fairytales. Let’s dispel a myth: most of them aren’t fantasy creatures, at the contrary. They are real and what’s more important is that we can cooperate with them during spells. But keep in mind that they’re not there for us. They exist to take care of the balance in the Nature realms. Their attitude mostly depends on yours, so always be respectful towards them!

An elemental is basically a spirit, ethereal and impalpable that express the power of its natural Element. We can perceive them during our spellwork, and they usually answer to our request, at the pact that we treat them with respect and without fear.

Fire Elemental Spirits


elemental spirits

They are probably the most powerful of the Elemental spirits since without them fire and sunlight wouldn’t exist. They govern every kind of fire and flame following Nature’s laws harmoniously. For this reason, it’s possible to “see” them (or better, perceive) during events such as thunderbolt, lava flows, etc…Salamanders are responsible for heating that generates life in every possible shape and realm.

They’re told to be handsome spirits, tall, agile and lively, able to change their shape and appearance based on the situation. There are different species and families of Salamanders. Their king is Djin, a bright spirit that is told to be powerful, majestic and frightening. Salamanders use to live in the surroundings of active volcanos and desertic areas.

According to Cabala’s culture, these spirits are very similar to angelic energies. They act as their intermediary to speed our inner transformation and healing process to connect with the Divine. We ask for help to Salamanders when we need strength and courage to overcome a problem. The best hour to ask for their assistance is midday.

Air Elemental Spirits.


Sylphs are ephemeral spirits described as winged and beautiful creatures, also known as “Brides of the winds”. It’s told that they can change their appearance based on the situation, just like Salamanders… They can be as small as a butterfly or as big as a human. They’re light, elusive and lively, enriching the breath of the living creatures with energy.

elemental spirits

Sylphs govern the sky, so they control winds, their direction and intensity, clouds and the weather in general. They usually live inside draughts, winds and breezes, especially on mountains peaks and great meadows.
They’re quick messengers thanks to their ability to move through draughts, transporting information, thoughts, ideas and everything that is connected to the intellectual plan.

For this reason, they can be useful when we need help with creativity and inspiration. Beware, they can be sneaky as well. There’s an interesting legend about these Elementals: during Fall season, these creatures come out from their hives to celebrate “The night of destiny”, during which they play with destiny and men’s minds. You can summon them at early morning directed to East, even better if you’re in a place where the wind can blow free.

Earth Elementals.

Gnomes and Dryads.

For Earth element, there are two different species of elemental spirits. The gnomes, more focused on the mineral realm, and the dryads, for the plant realm. Both of them can occasionally take care of the animal realm too. With the name “gnomes” we mean all the spirits that work under the surface of the earth in strict contact with minerals and metals. They have different skills, like bringing the nutrients to plants through the dissolution of minerals and form new rocks on the surface.

They’re told to be very knowledgeable about the laws of Nature, but they have not developed a proper consciousness and usually follow a more mechanic intellect.
Gnomes use to live in the bowels of the mountains, caves or underground. They’re told to be short creatures, but despite this, they have extraordinary strength. Gnomes aren’t particularly social and friendly. They are quite grumpy and cranky creatures due to their isolated lives.


The best time to summon them is between Halloween and Winter Solstice, preferably at the mountain or close to caves, just after the sunset. Being connected to the Earth Element, their help can be asked during wealth and abundance spells. If you really want to summon them, you must be very courteous and delicate, showing your selfless love and respect for Nature.. and be patient.

On the other hand, Dryads are told to be amber-skinned and elegant female creatures. They use to live close or inside plants, especially in oaks, that they guard and protect. These are probably the most unsociable fairies, shy, discreet, mysterious and wild, but not violent at all. Their lives are strictly connected to the tree they protect, and it’s said that once their tree dies, they die with it. Many legends tell that there’s a way to make them live again, by planting an acorn from the plant the dryad was protecting.

Water Elementals.

Water elemental spirits seem to be gentle and sensitive, but also very moody and quite dangerous.

They’re able to discover humans’ unconscious secrets by entering the mind of the men and reading their thoughts. They usually protect people endowed with esoteric power. Undines live among rivers, in clear lakes and in the depths of the seas, in the coral caves, though smaller Undines choose to live under lily pads. Tradition describes them as beautiful female creatures with shiny hair, that look for men company.

Like the Sylphs, they can be sneaky and even dangerous if they’re treated with no respect or forced to help. Just think about Sirens and the legends about them. You can try to summon them at sunset or sunrise, directed to West and of course close to water sources.
This is a general presentation of the four elemental spirits. If you want to explore even further the Element topic, you can check this article.

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