Fire, Air, Earth, Water: the Four Natural Elements in Witchcraft.

Hello, community! This article is for beginners who wish to take their first steps into this world. Today’s topic will be about something that plays an essential role in witchcraft and our daily life, the Four Natural Elements: Fire, Air, Earth, Water. The first facts about Elements are found in Empedocles’ writings where they are described as “the roots of every immutable and everlasting thing.” Elements were further researched over the years and especially during the Arabic Middle Age with the advancement of Alchemy, and later during the Renaissance

Fire, Air, Earth, Water.

Elements can be classified into higher and lower. The higher category is more “spiritual“, rarefied and has an influence on the lower category. The right order is Fire, Air (higher) Water, Earth (lower). These last two attract the higher ones, making the energetic exchange (the “world breathe“) possible. As many of you may already know, there is a fifth element, the Spirit. This Element is a fusion of the four main ones and is said to be the purest.

Pentacle of four natural element wicca witchcraft

Every element has two different polarities, also known as forces, which can be either active or passive. When an element is “active”, it acts with a positive charge, manifesting its energy creatively and positively. However, when an element is passive, its power becomes disruptive and creates negative energies. One should strive for “Static electricity” which happens when the elements are used uniformly.
Every living being is made by one or more elements, including us as each element corresponds to a part of our body. An imbalance between the elements will impede over the flow of the vital force which may result for instance in feeling sick or weak. The description of the four natural elements below will provide a deeper understanding of how the elements interact.

Element Fire.

Fire is a dynamic element, the agent that connects the macrocosm and microcosm that purifies whatever it touches, to improve and take it to a higher level of perfection.
The Alchemical symbol of Fire is an upward triangle that represents the concept of growth and ascension. Fire includes the male principle, and it would be devastating if it wasn’t controlled by the other elements, in particular by Water, which is its opposite.

Fire, Air, Earth, Water.

This harmony between elements defines life’s principle, and that’s why death has always been seen as the extinction of this powerful Element. Fire acts like electricity and has a positive charge, reason why it’s often defined as “electric fluid“.
Fire represents everything that is connected to the soul e to our will – from passion to violence – and to the processes of intensification, transformation, creation and destruction. Basically, it is the light and the sparkle inside us. Moreover, Fire corresponds to the South and obviously to Summer. In the Minor Arcana, it is represented by the Wands.On our altar, the objects that represent Fire are candles, the wand or the athame, according to the tradition you want to follow.Every Element has its own elemental: in this case, its Elementals are the Salamanders. However, we’ll talk about this topic in this article to avoid confusion.

Key Words: Passion, courage, creativity, fertility, desire, strength, manhood. Chakra: First and Second. Colour: Red Stones and Crystals: Amber, Fire Opale, Red Tourmaline, Red Jasper, Citrine. Zodiac Signs: Leo, Aries, Sagittarius. Body: Head, neck, shoulders, arms.

Polarities: Active: action, courage, curiosity, determination, enthusiasm, interest, movement, productivity. Passive: greed, jealousy, devastation, intolerance, destruction, indulgence, hate, irritability.

Element Air

An essential element to magic is Air. It’s associated to breathe, and consequently to life, ether, and mind.
There is a strong connection between Air, Fire and Water: Air revitalizes Fire and changes the structural density of Water turning it into rain, snow, fog or hail. Air is the bridge between Fire and Water, called “electric field”. Without Air, Fire and Water, being at opposite polarities couldn’t cooperate. Thanks to this interaction, these three elements create steam, smoke and even lightning.

Fire, Air, Earth, Water.

Air is a fluid, ethereal, volatile and light element. It represents the point of contact between spirituality and substance, consequently the ability of sublimation to materialistic impulses.
Air represents all that is connected to the mind and goes over the physical world. As such, it is focused on theories, ideas that are yet to turn into reality, playing a fundamental role in their manifestation, since everything that turns into reality is born as a thought first. Air is about all the intellectual activities, such as words, music, divination and singing.
The alchemical symbol for Air is an upward triangle crossed by a parallel line, the opposite of Earth’s.


You can work with this Element when you’re looking for inspiration, improve your communication skills, or when you need a well-focused mind. Air corresponds to the East and to Spring. In Minor Arcana is represented by the Swords.

Keywords: Thought, mind, intellect, freedom, memory, awareness, knowledge. Chakra: Sixth Colour: Yellow Stones and Crystals: Amethyst, Diamond, Opale, Turquoise, Topaz, Fluorite, Zircon and Blue Sapphire. Zodiac: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Body: chest and lungs

Polarities: Active: foresight, joy, playfulness, inspiration, optimism, kindness, diligence. Passive: cruelty, weakness, indecision, contempt, ineptitude, slander, cowardice, volatility.

Element Earth.

Earth is the element that includes the three natural kingdoms (animals, plants, minerals) and as per many cultures, it is the most sacred and divine element.According to some matriarchal cultures, it encloses the feminine principle since it receives and transforms the seed of God, to which the Mother gives power.This element works more independently than the elements as it includes them already even though not in their “classical” states. The combination with the other elements produces rock, lava, glacier and gives to our planet a hard surface. Earth defines its consistency (wet, rich, warm, sandy…) as per the ratio of the combination of the elements.

Fire, Air, Earth, Water.

It is often defined as “electromagnetic fluid” because it has a direct influence over the other elements, drawing on the vital force of their combination. Earth alchemical symbol is a downwards triangle crossed by a parallel line, that stands for “stability“. This Element represents everything durable and energies that are strong and rooted.Earth creates and protects life, nurturing the creatures. Through the seasons cycle, earth is the representation of life itself.


This element corresponds to North and Winter.In Minor Arcana, earth is represented by the Pentacles and in the Major Arcana, “The World“.The magic of the Earth brings creativity, concreteness, life and prosperity. You can work with this element when you need help with money, wealth, health and organization.Earth’s elementals are Dryads and the Gnomes.

Taking care of our planet and its creatures… it’s a kind of magic, too! I will never be tired of saying this: we must taking care of our planet as we’d do with ourselves or with someone we love deeply. Without it, we wouldn’t even exist. Live consciously and in full respect and harmony with our planet.

Key Words: Stability, strength, comfort, fertility, wealth. Chakra: First. Colour: Green and Black. Stones and crystals: Agathe, Emerald, Jade, black and green Tourmaline, Onyx, Obsidian. Zodiac signs: Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus. Body: Feet, legs, intestine

Polarities: Active: Trust, respect, patience, honesty, punctuality, tenacity, responsibility, tolerance. Passive: Apathy, mistrust, falsehood, unreliability, inactivity, slowness, boredom, pessimism.

Element Water

Since ancient times, Water was considered the source of life. An evident example are the ancient Egyptians who worshipped the element and established the God Sobek, the God of waters and fertility. The reason behind this devotion is the fertility of their lands and their economy depended strictly on the Nile’s floods. Many cultures such as the Romans, the Greeks, the Persians and also Pagans worshipped the Water over the centuries and believed that Water had the power of taking away sins and negativity.Water represents the feminine power par excellence and is extremely adaptable, passive and receptive.Its alchemical symbol is a downwards triangle. Being a passive element, Water has calmness and temperance qualities. It can easily be said that this is the element of intuition, nourishment and healing.

As you surely know, in Astrology this element runs the signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, that tend to be nostalgic and moody. Water represents the world of emotions and is connected to the Moon. You can work with this element if you need to invoke Gods, or during spells for power, strength, psychic growth, sex, music, art and dreams. Water is the essence of everything: it is among us in lakes, rivers, seas; inside us through our blood or inside plants through their sap.


From a different perspective, Water is also seen as the transition between life and death, creation and destruction. Water’s force is defined as magnetic fluid, has a negative charge and is directly connected to cold, closeness and contraction. Water’s elementals are Nymphs and Tritons. This element corresponds to the West, Autumn and in Minor Arcana is represented by the Cups, in Major Arcana by Temperance and The Stars“. On our altar, Water is represented by the chalice or the cauldron.

Key Words: Fertility, creation, nourishment, growth. Chakra: Fourth and fifth. Colour: Blue/Light Blue. Stones and crystals: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Azurite, Moonstone, Blue Calcite, Agathe, Light Blue Topaz, Celestite, blue and rose Tourmaline, Sapphire. Body: abdomen, emotional core.

Polarities: Active: Love, compassion, nourishment, forgiveness, devotion, tenderness, happiness, modesty. Passive: Bitterness, indifference, depression, shyness, selfishness, stagnation, fault, anger.

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