“Grimoire for the Green Witch” by A. Moura – Review

Today I decided to review one of my favourite witchy books. If I was allowed to have just one book in my library –what a nightmare– I’d choose THIS, no doubts. The book I’m talking about is “Grimoire for the Green Witch”, by Ann Moura ( 40years as a green witch practitioner, also historian and teacher, what else?!).
This book is perfect both for beginners and advanced witches. I think this is the most complete book about Green witchcraft I have found so far, along with few books by Scott Cunningham.

“Grimoire for the Green Witch” is divided into two main parts: Rituals and Spells. By reading both, you’d have pretty much a good general knowledge about green witchcraft, especially if you’re taking your first steps into this path.


The first part of this book, entitled “Rituals”, has a lot of theory, which I personally think is essential at the very beginning. You need information and clues of what you’re doing before actually practicing. So bonus point for all the pages dedicated to theory in this book! Mind you, it gives just a few tips, it doesn’t go very deep into every single topic, but it’s a start. When I started, it really helped me a lot because it was simple and effective. Then I explored a little further some of those topics, but having a general idea of what I was about to do, study and practice. It was helpful.

What I found interesting about the first part of the book, excluding the classic information about tools, herbs and such, is the overview on Sabbat and Esbat, pagan wedding ceremony and much more. So it’s indeed a fascinating reading. The handfasting ritual really moved me.

The second part called “Spells“, has more practice, spells and recipes. This doesn’t mean that it’s deprived of theoretical information. You’ll find in fact A LOT of charts of correspondences, which are absolutely vital for your craft in magic.
This is comparable to a guide, a complete book of shadows. Probably one of the most useful books I have in my library. Mind you, the contents are presented as a collection of rituals, information and spells, it’s not a narrative book. It’s what a book of shadows should look like, honestly.I suggest the reading to everyone, beginners and advanced.


The language is easy going, so it’s appropriate even for non-native speakers, like me.
The “aesthetic” inside is simple, black and white, definitely not full of curlicues as other books. Must say that I love the cover, though. I honestly don’t care much about appearances, contents are the most important part in my opinion.

This book will be a great travelling companion through this trip into witchcraft. Highly recommended.

My Rate: 8,5/10 I bought it on Amazon (since I live in Italy, I couldn’t find it anywhere else). However, I always recommend supporting small businesses when you have the chance!

Do you have this book in your library? If not, would you buy it? Leave a comment down below đŸ™‚

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