Lavender: properties, uses in magic and recipes.


Genre: Feminine Planet: Mercury Element: Air

Properties in magic: protection, purification, relaxation, harmony, love.

I bet that when you hear “Lavender”, the first picture that pops up in your mind (and in mine, too!) is those stunning fields in Provence, painted in every shade of lilac and purple. But this plant does not possess only beauty and scent, but it also has, in fact, a lot of beneficial properties.

Lavender: properties, uses in magic and recipes.

In phytotherapy, the most used parts are the flowers since they’re full of essential oil containing active substances such as limonene, camphor, ursolic and tannic acid. These chemical substances are a good remedy against stress, insomnia, anxiety, headache and cramps thanks to their calming and antispasmodic properties.Having a balsamic action on the respiratory tract, this essential oil is often employed to help healing conditions like cold and cough.

Lavender: properties, uses in magic and recipes.

As for external use, lavender is used for its well-known properties as a cleanser, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial and cicatrizant.This really is a magical plant!
We don’t know when this plant started to be appreciated, but what we do know is that it was already widely utilized back to the Ancient Romans times. It seems, in fact, that a common practice was to fill the thermal bath waters with many lavender bouquets as perfumers, and also for the preparation of beauty syrups and infusions. The name “Lavender” recalls to the verb “lavabantur“, which means “to wash“.

Lavender in magic.

In magic, this plant is commonly used for healing, love, sleep and harmony spells. I’ve seen it mentioned as an ingredient for protection and cleansing spells, too. Combined with amethyst, it’s perfect during baths to release stress and anxiety, to find inner balance and clarity. As mentioned, this stunning plant is widely used for spells to attract love, such as charm bags and perfumes. Due to its delicate scent, it’s ideal to be used with children to encourage relaxation and sleep.
I’d like to quote what Maia Toll wrote in her Illustrated Herbiary“:“[…] If circumstances should change, call on Lavender. She handles emergencies with military precision, keeping a cool head and stout heart. She’d make a fine spy, field nurse, or leader of the resistance […]. Before saying goodbye, I gathered for you a few recipes ideas where you can employ it. I hope you enjoyed this article!

Lavender Recipes.

Charm bags against nightmares.

If you’re having a tough time with nightmares, lavender can be a superb helper. Prepare 13 bags filled with flowers and place them under your pillow and around your bed. Before going to sleep, prepare a bath with lavender flowers, a few drops of essential oil and a rose quartz crystal. I tried it myself, and I slept like a baby!

Protection Bath. (From “The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews by Scott Cunningham)

Lavender: properties, uses in magic and recipes.

Can be used every day, for any type of protection.

  • 3 parts of rosemary
  • 2 parts of frankincense
  • 1 part of lavender

Disclaimer: for the full instructions, I recommend the reading of the chapter “Bath Salts” in the mentioned book.

Mercury Oil (From “The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews” by S. Cunningham)

To attract communication, enhance curiosity, logic, mental clarity, learning.

  • 4 drops of Lavender e.o.
  • 2 drops of Eucalyptus e.o.
  • 1 drop of peppermint e.o.

For the oil making, remember to prepare a dark glass bottle (clean), pour a base made of jojoba oil, coconut, sunflower and then add the essential oils following the recipes.

Disclaimer: Jojoba is the best one since it doesn’t go rancid over time.Keep your oils away from heat sources and use dark bottles for long keeping.

Body cleansing Tea (From “The real witches’ kitchen” by K. West)

This tea is for clear skin, to promote the immune system and to help remove toxins from the bloodstream.

  • 3 tsp chopped young nettle leaves
  • 1 tsp parsley
  • 1/2 tsp lavender flowers
  • juice of a half lemon
Lavender: properties, uses in magic and recipes.

I tend to use lavender as essential oil and flowers during my Full Moon baths where all I’m seeking is to relax and release the stress accumulated during the month. Also, I usually burn some white sage in my bathroom while I fill my bathtub. I guarantee that I come out as a completely new person! Hope this was helpful to you!

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