Law of Attraction: everything you need to know to start!

Hello there!! I hope your week is doing great! Today I was doing my meditation sessions and when I finished, a thought popped up in my mind in three simple words: Law of Attraction. Everyone has already heard about it, possibly even looked for information. If not, just ask yourselves a simple question: Am I attracting what I truly desire?Am I happy right now? If your answer is “No”, “yes but…” then you might consider exploring what the Law of attraction is about and make a few changes in your daily life.

What is the “Law of attraction”?

What we think, we become: the Law of attraction isn’t a complicated magic ritual, it’s just a simple universal principle; every second of our lives, we are acting as living magnets. How? When we think, we feel, we speak, we send out a certain type of energy (or vibration) and we attract back the same type of vibration. Consequently, when we’re focused on negative emotions, thoughts, talking, we can’t attract higher vibes or positive things.

That being said, we can define the law of attraction as the ability to attract into our lives whatever we’re focusing on: it uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and manifest them into reality. Our minds are more powerful than we think. Each of us has a big potential that just needs the right knowledge and tools to put it into practice. Consequently, if we’re not conscious of this, it happens that many times we send the wrong vibes and attract more unwanted things and events into our lives. So we can say that the Law of Attraction is a Universe principle according which we attract the same type of vibes we send out. Keep reading and this will probably be clearer.

How does it work?

First of all, you must understand clearly that everything is energy, and consequently, that everything is connected. Secondly, this principle is “universal” because it doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, what is your religion: this law works in the same way for everyone. What’s the difference, then? Why some people seem more unlucky than others, or simply manifest what they want? They know, understand and “use” at their advantage the Law of Attraction. Sometimes, not even aware of that.

The key is our attitude. I’ll give you a practical example: let’s suppose that you have a big bill to pay and your financial situation it’s not at its best.

Scenario 1: You focus on “I don’t have enough money to pay this, I can’t make it, debt, problems….” = you will attract exactly the same things: more problems, less money, more debts. Because you’re focused on that and you’re sending out THOSE vibes that will attract the same.

Scenario 2: “I’ll find a way to pay this” “I’ll have the money to get rid of this bill” “How can I pay it? What are my possibilities?”. Now, I’m not saying that receiving bills is funny. It’s not. If you ask me, I’d go back to the barter Epoque. I’m not even saying that just being positive you will magically materialize the money you need on your desk. I’m saying that your attitude toward money is the key.

You’ll never improve your financial situation if you focus on what you DON’T have or you CAN’T do. Translate your thoughts into something more positive, and little by little, you will see things changing.

How can I apply the Law of Attraction in my life?

Here are some guidelines to start practicing. Take your time, and most importantly, pay attention to the way you think and talk. Translate everything that is put negatively into something positive.

1. Decide what you desire in your life. To manifest and attract what you desire, the first step to take is to understand what you truly want: you must have a clear image of how your ideal life looks like. It’s not easy, because we all have clear what we don’t want, but absolutely unclear what we do want. The first thing to do is to take your time to clarify this: the fact itself of having a specific goal gives a path to follow and focus in your mind. Your attention is essential to make the Law of Attraction work. Since mind works basically on symbols and representations, your unconscious will tend to focus on the image that comes after “I don’t”.

For instance, if you think “I don’t want more debts” your mind will focus on the image of your debts and guess what will you attract? Correct, debts. Another important point is to take baby steps. I’ll give you an example. You might desire a big, expensive car. That’s fine. But that’s a “big” goal, and you need something BEFORE reaching that. I’m not saying you can’t manifest that, but the bigger are your goals, the longer it will take.


More chances to give up or go back to a negative attitude. So you might consider asking for a promotion at your job, or to find a new/second job that will allow you to save money. Lastly, you must be VERY precise about what you ask. Just saying (or writing, if you make a list – which I suggest – “I want a Cadillac” it’s not enough. You might receive a Cadillac, yes, but maybe a small plastic model. You asked for a Cadillac and you got it, after all…To help you doing this, you might consider making a list, which is one of the main points of LoA. You probably heard about “The 101 Wishes”. But this is a topic for another article.


2. Visualize
. Visualization is one of the crucial techniques for the Law of Attraction: write and remember your purposes it’s not enough to make it work properly. If you want to manifest them, you need to visualize them the more detailed you can as though you’ve already manifested them. Do whatever helps you visualizing your desires: drawing or writing, for instance. Reading your list out loud.

3. Speak Positively. As mentioned before, words are more important than you can imagine: when we speak, we speak with other people, with ourselves, but also with our inner self. Even if we’re not aware, words have a great impact on our lives and everything around them.We see the world we use to describe with our words. Words make our thoughts real, tangible, and that’s why we need to choose them wisely. We can make a difference just changing our way of speaking. Obviously, this does not mean that you have to deny reality, but just that you need to use a new, more positive and optimistic language to make the Law of attraction work.

4. BELIEVE!! The most important thing you have to do if you want to improve your life is BELIEVING in what you’re doing, believe that Law of Attraction DO exists and works and that you can reach whatever you want. It seems stupid, but it’s not. Having faith in yourself and in a better life is the best gift you can do to yourself. I hope this helped you a bit. I’ll make more articles about this topic and add a few exercises you can do to apply the Law of Attraction. I’ll see you soon!

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