Leo: Constellation, mythology, characteristics…


WHEN: 23rd July – 23rd August
COLOUR: Gold/Orange
FLOWER: Sunflower

CRYSTALS & STONES: Diamond/Amber/Citrine

Leo Constellation.


Leo is a vast constellation, and you can observe it at its best during full winter or at the beginning of the spring (North hemisphere), between Cancer and Virgo’s.
Leo constellation is easily noticeable to the naked eye because the lion’s mane and shoulders form an asterism known as “The Sickle,” of trapezoidal shape. 


The Lion, the king of the animals, is a creature that protects its territory, its family and especially its children. 
Leo is related to many mythical figures, symbolizing power, royalty, but also tyranny.

A fascinating and famous myth about this sign comes from the ancient Babylonian and tells about the fight between a bull and a lion. This story has presumably astronomic origins: from 4.500 to 2.000 a.C., during the spring equinox, the Sun was in Taurus, while during the Summer solstice was in Leo. At noon, when Leo was high in the sky along with the Sun, Taurus was settling down.  This event was symbolically interpreted as a sort of fight between the two animals, where the lion bites the bull, defeating it. 


According to Greeks, instead, the animal represented in the constellation was Nemean Lion, defeated by Hercules in the first of his twelve labours. That was a terrifying lion that used to live in a hole, storming humans and the flocks around it. It was almost invulnerable because its skin was immune to weapons. After that Hercules tried to harm it with arrows, swords and even a club, he defeated it by grabbing its head and mane, proclaiming its power. Once dead, Zeus put the lion in the sky as a constellation to remember that brave fight. 

Leo Characteristics & Traits.

In astrology, Leo is the symbol of the power of life and of Sun’s sovereignty. Leos are usually esteemed and admired. But we have to say a fact about Leos: you love them, or you hate them, there is no middle way with them. 
You can forget the half-measures dealing with Leos: immensely generous and altruistic, even their acts of kindness are expressed exceedingly. What is not excellent for them, it’s beneath their interest.  
As much picky with other people as with themselves, they perceive life as a constant competition. They’re not envious nor submissive people (that’s never going to happen), but they need to be worthy of every situation, especially because they hardly accept failures. They’re brave and able to sacrifice themselves for those who are under their protection. 
Leos are very law-abiding, love harmony and hate hypocrisy and meanness. 


You don’t want to make a Leo angry: it’s the kindest sign, but can turn into a ferocious beast when mad, and won’t even pay attention to words coming out of its mouth. Will regret it later, but is it worth it? 
They’re passionate and enthusiastic people which love to amaze others through their behaviour and achievements. 
As the lion is the king of the forest, Leo people are natural-born leaders. They will take care of every person, every detail that can make the group a harmonious environment, even though this doesn’t mean they can’t have the iron fist, on the contrary. They don’t like being contradicted, especially in front of many people. 
Now, I would like to dispel a myth about Leo people which has become more of an underground legend: they are not selfish people. They do know how to set boundaries because they tend to love themselves and this has nothing to do with being selfish. Their generosity is endless, and they are ready to jump into the fire for the people they love. 

Being a typical fire sign, Leos are very passionate and “it’s always hunting time” for them.  Despite some of them denying this, they appreciate having a string of admirers that would do anything to conquer their big (and vain) heart. 
In turn, Leos will pay the partner back of unconditional love and endless attention: when they fall in love and feel respected, they turn into one of the most faithful, loyal, protective (and jealous) partners. 


There are many tiny differences between the woman and the man born under this sign. The woman has a deep need for a court of admirers, and she will try her best to be the leader. Despite this, she’s a loyal, generous and sensitive woman and you can always rely on her. She loves power and action. 

On the other side, the man Leo is very confident (sometimes a bit too much!). 
In relationships, the Leo man loves unconditionally, but also with a bit of ego. He will make you feel strong and protected, but sometimes you may have the feeling that he’s not able to love nor give. He wants at his side a gorgeous, elegant woman that makes him even better. He needs to be number one in your life. Leo men are competitive even in love, so they will always be attracted to what ‘s out of their league just to prove they can do anything. “It’s always hunting season”, remember? Men are a bit less faithful than women under this aspect. 

The weak points in Leo people are usually the back, neck (Universe protects us from cervical pain) and related issues of the spine. Their heart and eyes are the other common weakness. It is certain that the weakest part is the heart, and that there is a high risk of developing heart conditions, in particular if they experience situations of severe stress.


They’re generally very talented in several sectors: research, science, economy, law, and thanks to their need for spotlight, they’re quite skilled in artistic disciplines too. Women, in particular, may have some troubles in finding their true path, but once they get it, they make every possible effort to reach their goals.  On the other hand, men are “those made for success”: nothing bothers them more than mediocrity, and they have the inclination of putting themselves on the stage, so affairs, politics, luxury and publicity are categories where they excel.

Leo Best Matches.

Disclaimer: matches between zodiac signs are not written in stone. Remember that the compatibility between people is influenced by the placements in each chart. 

Aries. They complain about each other continuously, but they can’t stay far for too long. At the beginning this couple bodes very well, it may be a very stimulating, playful and passionate relationship. Just be sure to banish routines from your daily lives. Both signs tend to get bored quite easily. The Leo partner should avoid criticising too much or always want to be right…

Emotional plan: 4/5
Communication: 3,5/5
Sexual plan: 3,5/5
Affinity: 4/5


Cancer. Tell me whatever you want, but I find this a great match. Leo needs attention and unconditional love, where Cancer excels. Both are for the family and are very protective and caring. Cancer needs reassurance which will never be missed from a Leo partner. On the other hand, Cancer should avoid being too whiny and shouldn’t test the Leo partner too much. Leo, instead, should be a tiny little more patient and less impulsive, Cancer are very sensitive, and it’s easy to hurt them. In this couple, Leo tends to be the “dominating” one and could be, in the beginning, a bit overwhelming for the timid and distrustful Cancer. But with a bit of patience, this couple can really work wonders.  

Emotional Plan: 4/5
Communication: 3,5/5
Sexual Plan: 3,5/5
Affinity: 3,5/5



Leo. Usually the same signs don’t really work for a long time, but the match Leo-Leo is indeed a great one. They love and express it in the same way, which can turn into a very pleasant and loving couple. Arguments can be a bit intense, as well as sex. 

Emotional Plan: 4/5 
Communication: 3,5/5 
Sexual Plan: 4,5/5
Affinity: 4/5