Lines and Mounts: introduction to palmistry pt.2

Hello! A few weeks ago we had a little introduction to Palmistry and Handshapes. Here we go with another article about Palmistry. Today we’ll explore a bit further the lines and mounts on our palms.

lines and mounts

Lines and mounts: Hand Lines.

Major Lines

Life Line: This line starts from the edge of the palm above the thumb and goes arc-shaped to the wrist. It gives interesting information about the person’s spirit and energy, major life events, physical health and general well-being. A common misinterpretation about the life line is that it reveals how long you will live or when you will die. That is NOT true. Don’t panic if yours is short!

Head Line: This line starts at the edge of the palm under the index finger and goes across the palm (to make it clear – this is the one between the heart line and the life line). The head line is also known as the “wisdom line” because it reveals mental and psychological mindsets, intellectual development and intuitive abilities.

Heart Line: The first line just below the fingers, that starts from the edge palm and stands above the other two main lines. It gives hints about a person’s emotional state and relationships.

Minor Lines.

Sometimes, minor lines aren’t clear, so it gets quite hard to spot them in some people. When it’s possible, they give useful hints about the interests, strong points and weaknesses of the person.


There are seven mounts on the palms (you can spot them as little bumps), named after the planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn). Every mount gives hints about our physical and emotional mindset. They are strongly related to Planets influences, which makes it easier to remember their correspondences.
Venus: Bottom of the palm, close to the life line and the thumb. It gives information about the romance and sexual aspect of the person.

lines and mounts

Jupiter: Under the index finger. It gives indications about how the person wants to be viewed by others. Obviously connected to ego, determination and leadership.

Saturn: Under the middle finger, next to Jupiter mount. It gives information about the person’s approach to life and to other people.

Sun: Under the ring finger and above the heart line. This mount is an indicator of confidence, empathy and stateliness of the person.

Mercury: Under the pinky finger. It gives information about finances, acumen, communication skills and versatility.

Moon: Base of the palm, at the right of the Venus mount. This is an indicator of intuition, compassion, creativity and psychic abilities of the person.

Mars. There are three different mounts related to Mars: Plane of Mars, Upper Mars and Lower Mars. In general, the Mars mounts are indicators of the ability to deal with other people and the temperament of the individual.

Main Markings.

When a palm reader looks at the hand it considers some relevant marks that interrupt or alter the shape of lines and mounts. Every mark has a different appearance and meaning, although it changes its positive or negative influence depending upon its location on the palm. Common marks are crosses, breaks, grilles, stars, tridents and upward or downward lines, that we will explore next time. If you want to start practicing and you’d like to purchase a hand to do it (sounds quite bad..) here you have the Amazon links: Amazon UK , Amazon IT

As you’ve probably assumed, reading the hand is not easy, it requires a lot of study and practice. However, you can always try to read your hand just out of curiosity and fun. Just don’t jump to conclusions, hold your horses đŸ™‚

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