Moonology by Yasmin Boland – Book Review

Another book review for you, and I’m honestly thrilled to talk about THIS one! The book is Moonologyby Yasmin Boland. I had it in my wishlist for FAR TOO long! So a few weeks ago, surfing on my amazon “to-buy” list I saw it again, and my reaction was pretty much like Bilbo in “The Lord of the Rings”…:<<After all.. why? Why shouldn’t I (buy) it?>>

That was the best decision I made in the past weeks. I already had a deep connection with the Moon, and I was already working accordingly to her phases based on my knowledge, which is the reason that pushed me to buy it. Once I finished this book (which I literally ate in less than one week, I was completely absorbed), I felt enlightened, empowered and thrilled to start working with the Moon in a new way. Because that’s what this book does: it provides a lot of info, and gives ideas to improve our lives through practical examples.

But let’s go into details. First of all, I’d give a bonus point for the stunning cover, which I personally find fascinating: a big, full moon surrounded by a sky full of stars. Even at the touch feels almost like velvet (it’s not, of course, but that’s the feeling).
We can divide the book into three main parts: a first introductive part where the author gives the general essential information required about the moon and her cycles, with a very exhaustive explanation for each of them (what to do, what they mean, how we can live accordingly). I found this part particularly useful, especially because there’s a lot of confusion around about this topic, and most importantly, we usually have more info about New and Full moons, but not about the other 6 phases.


Then we have a second part completely about the New Moon, from A to Z: what does it mean astrologically and in our daily lives, how to use her energies, what’s the meaning of every new moon based on the zodiac sign she going through, and even few charts to help you find your own (and how that will influence your life). If this isn’t complete, I don’t know what it is.

What I’ve appreciated the most about this part was the explanation, step by step, of the new moon wishing ritual. I was a bit “clueless”, or better, I did it on my own and was a bit messy. The method she provides is way more organized and surely more efficient. Lastly, we have the third main part, which is focused on the Full moon phase and follows the same scheme of the second one.


But it’s not over here!! In fact, she provided a whole chapter of appendixes, “Cosmic extras“, full of info about the nodes, the meaning of each house in our natal chart, essential oils, names of the full moons and much more.
Honestly speaking, this is the ultimate guide about the Moon you can find around. I’ve read a few books about this topic because I’ve been attracted to the Moon since I was a child; I can say with no doubts at all that this is one of the best. You can sense her passion and commitment to this topic, plus it’s very well explained and perfectly organized. There is no space to confusion. My next reading will surely be the book she recommends, “The Lunation Cycle” by D. Rudhyar.

My overall vote is 10/10. Outstanding job. If you want to buy this book… and make the best choice of your life, click here (Amazon affiliate). I swear You won’t regret it.

If you want to know more about her and have a more specific idea about her work, visit her website.

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