The Cat: legends, beliefs, spirit guide and totem animal.

Hello, everyone! Here we go with the second animal in our collection, and I thought about one of the most loved among witches, the cat. I’m more of a dog person, even though I’ve got two lovely cats too other than two dogs, and I can’t deny how fascinating these animals are.

The Cat: legends, beliefs, spirit guide and totem animal.

Those who have a little knowledge about cats know that they’re not “pack animals” like wolves or dogs. They’re more independent, “you mind yours, I mind mine”, but still, in a colony of cats, the most important component is usually the older female. Historically, thanks to this “matriarchal attitude,” cats have been valued more (and in some cultures, even worshipped) in societies that were more open and tolerant over women and feminine in general.

Besides, cats have always been in contact with humans, in a way or another: just think that a lot of cats’ skeletons have been found in Neanderthalsburials, and we’re talking of 150 thousand years ago. Later, the worshipping of the cat as a divine animal spread in many areas such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and Mediterranean.

Legends & Beliefs

As always, one of the best examples certainly comes from Ancient Egypt, where cats were the personification of the Goddess Bastet and Sekhmet. Although, the first one appeared sweeter and motherly, protector of the family and the house. The second one emphasized the strength and the fierceness of the lioness. We also know that cats were mummified and buried with the same care used for human bodies.

Jumping north, the Goddess Freya from Norse mythology had her chariot pulled by two Norwegian forest cats, named Bygul and Trjegul. It also seems that in Norse culture, it was quite common to allow cats on their boats to kill the mice aboard.

The Cat: legends, beliefs, spirit guide and totem animal.

On the other hand, though, in middle age Europe, as a result of the absurd Witches’ hunt, cats became a symbol of Evil, Satanism and, of course, witches. These last ones were pictured by Christianity as evil people, despite everything they used to be was nothing but priestess, natural healers and herbalists. If you’re interested in witches’ hunt in Europe, click here.


The persecution carried out by Christians against cats reached its highest level during the ‘200, during which a new Christian extremist belief spread hate against every esoteric practice and, consequently, cats. We even have proofs of books of that time filled with information about how cats could be dangerous and carrier of misfortunes (in particular the black ones). For this reason, millions of cats were mopped up, killed, burned in mass during the feast of St. John (26th of June): this led the medieval domestic cat to total extinction. The result? The absence of predators allowed the proliferation of the black rat, bringing with them the dreadful disease known as “Black Plague”.

The Cat as Spirit guide...

Cats are strong, resilient and smart animals. Even though sometimes I look at my cat and I think about everything but “smart”…He’s a bit of a dummy but we accept our beloved as they are, don’t we? Cats are also “famous” for being very independent, selective and sensitive. There are a lot of beliefs according to which cats can see people’s auras. Cat as a spirit animal is not so common, so if you’re one of the few selected ones…feel lucky!

It usually pops up when we feel hopeless, about ourselves or about something we need to face. This spirit brings with it the gift of balance and wise judgment, it teaches to value situations and how (and when) to act to take the best benefit from it. More importantly, it teaches to the chosen person to get out of old patterns and jump into the new. Be confident.

…And as a totem animal.

Cat people are, accordingly to the traits of their totem animal, smart, energetic and curious. They usually prefer the night and find peace and quiet into darkness. Also, a quite common trait of these people is the desire for adventure, or at least, of making new experiences and explore, which applies both to the outside and the inner self. They tend to be social but in small doses, they’re definitely not the type that suffers loneliness. They need to decide when they feel like being social and most importantly, with who, hence the typical selectivity of cats. If they don’t like your energy, they’ll hardly stick around you.

You probably already heard that cats tend to absorb negative energies like little sponges, and they serve their sleep time to release them. When there’s an excess of negative energies and too few sleep, they tend to accumulate it as fat. Similarly, people with the cat as a totem animal NEED to sleep, it’s essential to them, more than usual. They’re not lazy people, at all. They just need their time to recharge.

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