A Game of Thrones Tarot Deck – Review

Today I would like to review one of my favourite decks… The Game of Thrones Tarot. I have to say that, being a big fan of the books and the series, I’m madly in love! It was love at first sight. I counted down the days to have it in my hands! So, if you are a fan too… this is a must-buy! Here’s the Amazon Link.

This deck comes in a nicely decorated box that you can actually use to keep your deck safe (highly recommended). Inside the box, other than the deck, there’s a hardcover guidebook which I found very useful and fascinating. You’ll read, in fact, a complete explanation of the cards and few spreads based on Game of Thrones, like “Faith of the Seven”, “The Red Keep” and “Old Gods of the North”. *fangirling* I tried all of them: I must say that I was satisfied with the accurate outcome! The guidebook’s cover is decorated like an ancient book…You definitely feel a bit like Sam in the Citadel’s library đŸ˜› Very suggestive!


The deck is obviously complete of Major and Minor Arcana (78 cards), each with a different illustration inspired by Game of Thrones history. The illustrations are the strong point of this deck, especially if you read the books or watched the series, you’ll find them very helpful and intuitive. Just to mention some, Daenerys is the Empress, the Devil is Ramsey Bolton (not surprised, uh?) and least but not last, the High Priestess is Melisandre!


In case you didn’t get it yet, I totally adore this deck and I highly recommend it! The aspect I appreciate the most is that it gives many reading cues thanks to its intuitive illustrations. If you know the story and can relate the pictures with the characters features, even more.The back of the cards has, obviously, a stunning pattern made by many swords that remind the Iron Throne, goldish and black. Adorable.
The material is not too bad, there’s surely worse around, but they’re really delicate, especially if you use them daily. For this reason, my advice is to buy two decks, one for collection and one for daily use, because it’s really a pity to ruin them shuffling. Unfortunately, it will happen, 100%.

The cards aren’t plasticized, they’re in fact quite rough. This makes the illustration and the deck itself different from the classic decks, but also really fragile. So, pay attention or buy two decks if you want to use them for daily readings!
I started using it as my main deck, and I must admit that we already created a strong bond.
I really appreciated it, from the esthetic to the practical aspect, it helped me a lot with my readings, I’m actually doing even better than usual.

Excellent value for money, the price is really affordable. I’d say that is probably cheaper than the actual value! If you’re interested in buying it, click here!

My overall vote is 8/10, just because of the material, that in my opinion is too fragile. Other than that, it’s really worth it, I’d definitely buy it again and again! For me, a must-buy deck, a stunning collection piece.

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