“The Good Witch’s Guide” by S. Robbins & C.Bedell – Review

Hello, everyone! Some time ago I reviewed “Wiccapedia” by S.Robbins (if you missed it, click here!), and I promised I would’ve reviewed its “shoulder” book by the same author, which is “The Good Witch’s Guide”. I always keep my promises, so there you go!

Compared to “Wiccapedia“, more theoretical, this one is focused on the practice, so spells, rituals, ingredients to use and such. I would say that these two books complete each other. Needless to say, for a more complete knowledge (even though we never stop learning, don’t we?) you need more books and more info. However, if you want the first approach to magic and related, these two books are not a bad start point. I have to say that comparing the two, I prefer “The Good Witch’s Guide”, where the approach to the reader and the writing seem more dedicated and professional than Wiccapedia, despite they share one of the authors. Probably it’s just me, but I think that Wiccapedia has been a bit overestimated. I don’t mean to be harsh, but if you’re reading the reviews I imagine you expect a personal and honest opinion about them 🙂

What I consider a big bonus about this book is that it’s quite handy for fast consultations, since at the end/beginning of each chapter there is a table of correspondences. I wouldn’t underestimate this point, I remember when I started practising that one of the struggles was to find proper substitutes for some ingredients, and I often went bananas to find them. That happened until I made my own charts on my BoS, but that came with experience, testing, failures and most of all, being fed up of wasting so much time! So if you’re at the beginning, books with tables of references are indeed a jewel, and this one has some nice ones. The Good Witch’s Guide is divided into 3 parts plus a little appendix, exploring pretty much the essentials about witchcraft:

  1. “Ye Olde Witch’s Wisdom, Rituals and Formulas”(History and folklore of herbs and spices, aromatherapy, crystal power);
  2. “Spirit Spells and Spirituality”( spells to recharge your mind, body and spirit, Candle magick, spiritual alchemy and holistic enlightenment)
  3. “Craft Your Own Personal Magick” (DIY brews and potions, kitchen witchcraft);

Appendix: Round table and folk remedies.

Needless to say, all these subjects aren’t explained and analyzed in-depth; for this, you might consider choosing a specific book about the topic you’re interested in. Overall, I think it’s a good book. It surely gives the first tips and food for thoughts to start practicing. Definitely more suited for beginner witches, even though it might be useful for advanced for new spells ideas.

My rating is 7,5/10. Do I recommend it? Yes. Just don’t stop here and seek more information to expand your knowledge. If you want to add this book to your witchy library, click here! (Amazon Affiliate, all my links are safe to go!)
Hope this review was useful!
I’ll see you soon!

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