“The Universe has your back” – G.Bernstein Deck Review

Hello, everyone! New day, new review! It’s been a while since the last deck review so here I am. My choice today is “The Universe has your back” by Gabrielle Bernstein and Micaela Ezra.
I bought this deck quite a long time ago, a couple of years at least. I used it very few times though. This is not a tarot deck, so don’t expect to do usual readings with it. It’s a collection of 52 cards, each of them with a particular message or quote. For this reason, I would say it’s more suitable as a fancy addition to your readings for other people, or, a sweet way to start your day by picking a message card. My preamble is this: don’t expect anything else than what I mentioned.

The Universe has your back

The deck comes in a classic hard-cover box, really, really nicely decorated. The usual guidebook in this case is not needed, so instead you will find just another card with a short introduction to the authors and a sweet message for the readers.


Cards are quite big, I’m accustomed to smaller cards so I felt a bit uncomfortable at first. I must say, though, that other people who tried this deck didn’t have the same issue as I did, so I guess it strictly depends on your habits and how your hands are used to feel the cards. If there is one thing I’ve absolutely appreciated in this deck, it’s the artwork on each card. This is a very aesthetic deck, on pastel tones palette with simple but awesome drawings, which are the main reason why I bought this deck at the time. I was really attracted to the drawings, it felt like they spoke to me, plus the tones are very relaxing and soothing. The back of the cards has a yellow full moon surrounded by very simple drawings of leaves.

Another bonus point goes for the material, which for me is probably the most important factor to judge a deck. I’ve got to say, this is the BEST cards material I’ve ever found so far. I think these cards are pretty much indestructible, honestly speaking. They’re smooth so the shuffling is quite easy (just the size, damn it!), and quite thick, reason why I believe they’ll never get ruined. I wish every deck had this material, I love it. You probably noticed I have a thing for deck materials, but that’s because many times, (way too many times), I had to send to retirement decks I adored because they couldn’t be used anymore for the good of the cards.

Now, I know that nothing lasts forever (*even cold November raaaain*), but some are way too fragile, especially considering the ratio quality/price. So a big, big bonus point to this deck for the choice of the material.


As mentioned before, don’t expect this to be a classic divination deck. Each card has a different message from the Universe, so you can use it in many ways. For instance, as a final message to your clients, as a daily message for yourself or, if you usually use a journal or something similar, you could stick one weekly card on it.

DISCLAIMER: Don’t use tape, unless it’s one of those who don’t leave glue or color. It’d be a pity to ruin the cards. You can opt for bostik or something similar, for instance.

My overall rating for this deck is 6,5/10. Nice, but given the chance I wouldn’t buy it again. That’s because it doesn’t really suit my way of working with the cards, I’m sure for other people this is a must-have deck. Really depends on you. If you want to buy “The Universe has your back” click here! (I’m amazon affiliate so my links for purchases are all safe).
See you soon đŸ™‚

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