Virgo: Constellation, mythology, characteristics…


WHEN: 22nd August – 23rd September
PLANET: Mercury.
DAY: Wednesday.
COLOUR: Tan and warm yellow.
STONE/CRYSTAL: Sapphire, Cornelian, Opal, Peridot, Lapis Lazuli.
FLOWER: Buttercups, Chrysanthemums.
TAROT: The Hermit, Eight, Nine and Ten of Pentacles.

Virgo Constellation.


The name “Virgo” stands for the Latin word “virgin”. Its constellation lies between the constellation of Leo (West) and Libra’s (East). It has great importance because it’s the second-largest constellation in the sky after Hydra and the largest in the whole Zodiac. Its main and brightest star is called Spica. 


Since it’s a very ancient figure, there are several myths associated with Virgo as well as Goddesses: for instance, it was associated to the Roman Goddess Ceres, and to the Assyrian Goddess of fertility and Spring, Ishtar. 
The myth I prefer is the one about Demeter and Persephone. 

Demeter was the Agriculture Goddess, Zeus’ sister and mother of Persephone, that used to rule over the fertility of the lands: Nature used to grow thriving and prosperous on her watch.
Hades wanted Persephone to be his bride and asked for her hand to Zeus. However, the God replied that Demeter would never accept to be separated from her daughter and send her to Tartarus. Given the circumstances, Zeus suggested to simply kidnap her. 



And that happened: Persephone was kidnapped and taken to the underworld with Hades. Demeter, desperate, decided to abandon the Olympus and start the research of her daughter.
When she had finally found out what happened to her daughter, Demeter refused to go back to the Olympus and her duties until she had her daughter back. In the meantime, without the care and control of the Goddess, Nature was dying. 
Zeus, worried that this diatribe would’ve brought the ending of the human race, tried to put an end to this by ordering Hades to return Persephone to her mother. 
Hades agreed to Zeus’ offer, but it was only part of his plan. We can’t really believe that the God of the Underworld would give up that easily. He was, in fact, planning a trick to keep Persephone with him anyway. Back then, there was a sort of “law”: whoever eats something in the Tartarus, won’t be able to go back to the living world. So he offered a pomegranate to Persephone,  which she accepted and ate six beans of it.



Zeus’ plan wasn’t going as expected, so he tried to strike a new deal.  Since she didn’t eat the whole fruit, she would’ve lived in the underworld with Hades for six months (the equivalent of the beans she ate), and the remaining time of the year with her mother. 
Since then, when Persephone comes back on Earth Demeter is joyful and so is Nature, giving birth to what we know as Spring and Summer. During autumn and winter, when her daughter is in the Underworld with Hades, Demeter torments herself and Nature dies and wilts. 


Virgo Characteristics & Traits.

In astrology, Virgo rules the end of the Summer season, and it represents the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. This sign announces the Nature’s rest, the time to gather and save, which also depicts a typical Virgo’s trait. 
Virgo’s natives are skilled supplies administrators: they tend to think about the future’s uncertainty, trying to prevent shortcomings. They apply the same mindset to their relationships: they tend to be wary until they feel totally safe. They don’t believe in living in a fantasy world, they’re very grounded and realistic people. Their practical approach is one of their biggest strength. Diligent and observant, these folks think clearly, learn quickly, and gain enormous satisfaction in serving, healing, and helping to bring order, perfection, and practicality to their world. They’re very meticulous, committed, careful and smart, with a great sense of responsibility that takes them to criticize everything that is not done as they want or think. Virgo’s attention to detail is praiseworthy.


In relationships, Virgos might not be *that* romantic, however, I would say they only have their unique way to express their feelings. Being quite shy and reserved people, they tend to have hard times communicating their feelings through words. For this reason, they’re more willing to use a more practical approach and express their love through actions and small gestures. Despite the appearance, Virgo people are *really* caring and attentive to their beloved’s needs. 
They usually prefer relationships in which there’s a strong mental connection with the partner. 
Don’t let yourself be fooled by appearances: we all know (Virgos included) that at first, they may sound a bit bitchy. They’re not unless you give them a good reason to show that aspect. 


Virgos are generally faithful, and they expect the same from their partner: they can’t stand betrayal in any form and when they make a decision, they hardly change their mind. So, be careful!  
They tend to be very anxious (even though they try to hide that) and they’re skilled overthinkers. They look quiet, but their mind is always working, 24/7, no stop. They just can’t help themselves. 
This anxiety makes them a bit hypochondriacs and may also cause issues related to the GI tract.

Being an Earth sign, they prefer things to be slow and steady, except for one thing: cleanings. I don’t know if you have ever seen a Virgo while doing its cleanings: it’s not a human anymore, it turns into a robot for a few hours. A fast, organized, thorough robot. They follow their schemes, methods and order. Jokes apart, this aspect is often applied to work and all those activities that need efficiency. If you need a job done, in the best way possible, ask a Virgo. 


Methodical, honest and hard-workers, Virgos achieve successful careers quite effortlessly because they make their work their main goal most of the times. They are perfectionist people, so be sure that you’ll have the best results with them. However, sometimes this need for perfection crosses the line and may make them miss deadlines. But this doesn’t happen that often, because other than being perfectionists, they also like to be on time, whether that is for job matters or personal life. 
A more accommodating approach would probably take them further on the career path.
The best jobs for Virgo people would be accounting, pre-med, food science, history, biology, computer science and hygenist.

Virgo Best Matches.

Disclaimer: matches between zodiac signs are not written in stone. Remember that the compatibility between people is influenced by the placements in each chart. 


Capricorn. Both earth signs with great projects in their mind. They would share an amazing couple path, provided that they’re able to go past their shyness when they know each other. Capricorns partners are often more responsible, while Virgo partners can give great stability to the couple. Just be sure to add a bit of spicy sometimes to avoid boredom. They share the same themes in life such as stability, efficiency, responsibility, just to mention some. For these reasons, a strong mental connection is inevitable.


Emotional Plan: 5/5
Communication: 4,5/5
Sexual Plan: 4,5/5
Affinity: 4,5/5




Taurus. Besides the obvious reason of the two sharing the same earth element, Taurus is stable enough to calm Virgo’s nervous streak and anxious inclinations. Virgo doesn’t have to worry about Taurus behaviour. Virgo likes things to proceed logically by following the rules, step by step. Taurus doesn’t have a problem with that. A good match indeed! 

Emotional plan: 4/5
Communication: 3,5/5
Sexual plan: 3,5/5
Affinity: 4/5


Cancer. The Cancerian partner would be very good at nurturing Virgo, helping them feel safe to open up and be vulnerable. Virgo responds with attention, care, and their own brand of nurturing, which will help them make a warm and well-organized home together.

Emotional Plan: 4/5
Communication: 3/5
Sexual plan: 3,5/5 
Affinity: 3,5/5