White Sage. Properties, ways to use it and few tips!

Hello! So today I would like to explore something that -at least in my craft- is essential, the White Sage. You surely heard about it before, that’s because this is a tool which is quite spread among witches and spiritual practitioners. Its powers are outstanding.

White sage is an evergreen perennial shrub that usually grows in the areas of California, Mountain West and in some desertic ecosystems. The tradition and the spiritual employment belongs to the Native Americans that used it to banish evils spirits and negative energies, replacing them with positive and healing ones, especially during sacred ceremonies. Luckily, this tradition didn’t get lost over time and today the Spirit of the White sage is still committed to offering protection, blessings and clearing.

The ways this natural ally is applied are many, even though the most common one is by smudging the dried leaves and take the benefits from the smoke. You can find it, as stated before, as smudge sticks, incenses and even essential oil.

How (and when) can I use white sage?

White Sage. Properties, ways to use it and few tips!
  • To calm anxiety and stress. The scent of white sage has very soothing properties and it’s perfect when you feel a bit over stressed, anxious or you’re having panic attacks, for those who suffer from it. I talk by experience, been there, white sage was truly helpful. Just light the stick and keep it close to you. If you feel like funneling the smoke towards you or in a particular part of your body, do it. Breathe deeply and think about a happy place.
  • Purify ritual tools or new objects. Just like our houses, objects absorb energies. So it’s always better to purify them, especially before employing them in rituals and such. Would you rather write on a blank page or over a written one? Prevent chaotic results and add to your ritual a little cleansing before starting.


  • To cleanse your crystals. As I mentioned in this article, crystals, in order to keep working properly, need to be “unloaded” of the energies they absorbed for us. Sage is a perfect ally for this!
  • To protect. Now, I don’t want to sound like a crazy person, but I often use sage as protection shield for my beloved. Especially when I have to travel and leave my pets at home, before leaving I usually make them wear a collar with a pentacle and I smudge sage around them, picturing a white, bright shield of protection around them. They love it.

The general idea is that when the leaves are burnt, showing gratitude to the Spirit for its assistance, the Sage spirit releases its protective, clearing and purifying energies through the smoke. Funny fact, you’ll notice that despite there’s no window or door open, the smoke will take a defined direction most of the times, and that’s where its powers are needed the most. Just let it go until it stops by itself. White sage is really polyvalent, so whenever you feel like using it, just go for it. Trust your gut as usual.


White Sage. Properties, ways to use it and few tips!

If you decide to purify the energies of another living being, remember to ask for its permission.
Another “rule” is to let the sage burn, never try to stop the burning: the Spirits knows how much its assistance is needed, so just let it help you. Hence this fact, you will need to put it somewhere when it burns: the most used tool is a nacre shell with a little layer of sand (to prevent the surface to get ruined by the heat). It’s not mandatory, you can always use a heatproof pot to put the smudge in and let it burn as long as it wishes.

If you missed it, here’s again the link for the full kit. Don’t throw away the ashes, since you can use them to make black salt! (We’ll talk about it in another article!) Be careful and keep the air as still as possible when you smudge, close every window or check out for any draft source.

Also, remember that the benefits come from the smoke, you don’t have to make a bonfire, so make sure to blow out the fire. I never blow on fire, I just shake a bit the smudge stick until it goes off by itself.

Where to buy it?

I always recommend to support small business, so check them out first! Worst case scenario, you can find a good stock on Amazon as well. If you’re lucky to find a plant, even better. Like I always say, growing and harvesting your own plants will empower them way more than buying them.

How do you usually employ white sage? Let me know in the comment section down below!
Stay safe, and tuned for more articles đŸ™‚

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